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Blue Skies
EU fashion drawing

Do you have design wishes?

Tell us your design wish and we will realise it for you.

Do you have a certain piece of clothing in mind? Or a design that Manili should definitely have in the online shop?

No problem! Tell us your wish and if the product fits our brand, it will be published in our shop.

In this case, please contact us via the contact form or call us. We will then discuss the details.

Share your Pictures with us

We want to create a gallery full of pictures of people from all over Europe wearing our clothes.

Do you have photos of yourself wearing Manili clothes? You are welcome to send them to us and if you want, we will publish them in our gallery.

Feel free to tell us something about yourself. Take the photos in front of a monument or a place that is important to you and we will immortalise you and your photo on our website.

Just send us the pictures by email: We look forward to hearing your story!

Blue Skies
girl wears denim jacket by Manili
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