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Become a Part of Manili

We want you!

At the moment we are looking for people who have the desire and energy to join Manili as additional partners. We are not looking for employees, but for co-founders with equal rights.


In addition, we are of course very happy if you would like to do an internship with us.

If you are generally interested in joining Manili, please contact us by mail or phone.

We especially need the following qualities in our founding team:

Graphic Designer (M, F, D)

Do you have experience with creating designs on garments? Do you know Photoshop and Co. very well? Perfect, then you are right with us!

Paints and Brush
Contemplating at Work

Translator (M, F, D)

Can you speak different languages or are you maybe even a native speaker? We will translate our website into French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish and many more languages. We would be happy if you can help us with this!

Marketer (M, F, D)

Do you have experience with marketing products via Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and the like? Maybe you also have experience with SEO and ads. Then you're a perfect fit for us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Camera Books

We would love to hear from you and maybe even welcome you to our team!

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