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EU Hoodies by Manili

For all who live the European lifestyle.

A young couple wears European Union hoodies from Manili (EU hoodie “Article 2” and EU hoodie “The West”)

Bye bye, blue hoodie

Manili takes EU hoodies to a new level.

We don't want blue hoodies with yellow stars. Manili redefines EU fashion with completely new designs. We want you to look stylish. From subtle designs to strong statements - we always make sure you look your best.

What is the European lifestyle?

Travel, study, work, or find love across the continent.

It's embracing intercultural life: making friends across Europe, learning languages, and living, working, and studying abroad. Whether you're traveling, on Erasmus, or working in the EU, wear Manili's EU Hoodies to celebrate European style.

Discover more EU fashion.

Manili is the brand for all EU enthusiasts. We have so much more than just EU hoodies. 

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