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The phoenix should become a symbol of the EU

Like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, Europe was able to flourish in peace after the Second World War.


Red phoenix

The phoenix with its typical red and golden plumage.

The mythical creature from ancient Greece symbolises resurrection and peace.


Nations have a variety of symbols that serve identification and reflect the culture and history of a nation.

Besides a flag, most countries have a variety of symbols. These include national holidays, anthems, mottos and stories to remind the population of important events.


The EU has adopted different symbols over the years:

Flag of Europe

Anthem of Europe

Europe Day

Motto of the EU "United in Diversity"



The EU has already adopted the most important of the symbols. But one essential thing is still missing: a founding myth. What may seem somewhat nationalistic at first glance could bring the citizens of Europe closer together and remind them of the importance of peace.

Europe was in ruins after the Second World War. The National Socialists had brought unprecedented disaster upon the world. With violence, war, destruction, mass murder and the extermination of entire population groups, they reduced the continent to rubble.

But after the end of the war, peace was found. Little by little, the different nations of Europe overcame their hatred and grew closer and closer together. In other words, the EU is an unprecedented peace story. This is something we should appreciate and be proud of!

This transition from absolute ruin to a society living in peace could be embodied by the phoenix. Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes and blossoms into beauty, so did Europe. The phoenix would thus be a symbol that symbolises the rise and peace process of Europe and thus sums up the founding myth of the EU in one image.

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