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EU Fashion by Manili

Special Release: 3 New Pride Phone Cases.

 Celebrate European Style

 Manili is the brand for people who live the European lifestyle. 

 Travel, study, work, or find love across the continent. 

 Manili accompanies you. 

Best Sellers

Why you should wear Manili

Make Europe visible

Most people support the EU. But EU-sceptics dominate the discussions. Let's make our support seen.

Bye Bye Basic Blue Hoodie

Say goodbye to yellow stars on blue t-shirts. Manili redefines EU fashion with completely new designs - ensuring you always look your best.

The Perfect Gift

Searching for a perfect gift for your date or best friend? Look no further, Manili has you covered! Explore Manili's gift cards.

Maybe you are a young professional navigating new cities abroad or an Erasmus student discovering a new country. Maybe you fell in love and you are bridging European borders to visit that special someone. Or you discover the continent's beauty by travelling with Interrail from city to city.

No matter how you life the European lifestyle. Manili accompanies you.

The European Lifestyle

 Discover Manili's Thinktank 

 Celebrate European Style 

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